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What To Rehearse For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the biggest days in your life. This is the day that all the attention of those invited will be focused on you. It is only polite that you put on a good show. That is why people have rehearsal dinners and go through all that planning well in advance of the due date . As wedding photographers in Kent, we have some of the best conducted weddings in this region and we have seen some things that make you want to run and hide. To ensure that your day goes smoothly without a hitch, here are some things that you MUST rehearse before hand.

Your Vows.
If you are reciting your own vows, for the love of all that is seamless, please rehearse it. Make sure the words sound as good out loud as they do in your own head. Make sure that when you deliver the vows, you sound as natural and as in love as you truly are with your spouse.

Your Walk To The Alter and Stance.
There are very few things as a preview for a Kent wedding photographer capturing and immortalizing the image of the dashing bride tripping over her own gown. That isle can be quite a distance when everyone’s eyes are on you. Practice your walk and final stance once you get to the alter. Muscle memory never fails.

Your Photo Session Poses.
When it comes to wedding photography in Kent, we like to keep things a little light and jovial. This means that there is probably going to come a time during the photo shoot session where the bridal party can do whatever they want for a laugh. However, there also needs to be a serious wedding portrait that will be the icon of your whole day. This is the shoot you should rehearse for. Make sure you have that pose; that smile and that twinkling look in your eye down right so that we capture the best of you.

Your First Dance As Man and Wife.
This all-important first dance is something that many married couples get horribly wrong. People think that they can just step up and improvise something. As spontaneous as that sounds, you do not want to look like a fool in front of everyone who came to see your celebrate your love. Take some ball room dance lessons, rehearse and make sure you know all the steps.

Lovepear Photography in the UK reminds you to play out the whole day in your mind and physically whenever possible, well in advance of the due date. This is just so you get a feel of things; so you ensure that everything feels as smooth and as ‘bump’ free as you want it.